The Hudson Players are a true community theater. Thus all our shows feature volunteer actors and stage personnel. All roles in our productions are always open to auditioners, with no restrictions. For non-musicals scripts are usually available for perusal at the Hudson Library at least two weeks prior. Those auditioning will be asked to read from the script. For musicals, auditioners are asked to have a song prepared and to bring along appropriate sheet musical for the accompanist. Musical auditioners will also be asked to read from the script and in many cases shown a brief movement exercise. Those interested in working backstage, on sets, lights, etc, are encouraged to come to auditions as well and fill out a form letting the producer know their areas of interest. All auditions are held at the Barlow Community Center on Oviatt St in Hudson, typically at 7pm on Sunday and Monday evenings.

Our audition form is available online allowing for completion prior to arrival at auditions.

Download 2018-2019 Audition Form Download 2018-2019 Audition Form in Editable Word format Get Notified of Audition Opportunities

2018-2019 Season


Hands On A Hardbody
Auditions: Nov. 11 & 12, 2018 – 7:00 p.m.
Performances: Feb. 1, 2, 8, 9, 10, 15, 16, 17, 22 & 23, 2019

Character Descriptions:
6 women and 9 men (Texas accents definitely a plus, unless otherwise noted) to play the following very real characters (ages are approximate and can vary):

Kelli Mangrum: Female, 22 (Range: Mezzo-Soprano, A3-E5)
A pretty UPS worker with steel ambition and big dreams.

Heather Stovall: Female, 29 (Range: Mezzo-Soprano, A3-D#5)
A flirtatious restaurant hostess. Used to bending the rules and getting away with it.

Cindy Barnes: Female, 34-50 (Range: Ensemble/Part Flexible)
Former Miss Gregg County, still fond of pageant hair and pastels. Works in Public Relations at the Nissan dealership.

Norma Valverde: Female, 35-45 (Range: Low Mezzo, D3-G5)
A stout Latina woman, kind and hopeful, quiet until moved by the spirit. Infectious laugh.

Virginia Drew: Female, Mid 50s (Range: Mezzo-Soprano, G3-C5)
A one-time beauty queen settling into middle-age.

Janis Curtis: Female, Mid 60s (Range: Low Mezzo, D3-Bb4)
A tough old bird with sun-burnished skin and missing teeth. Comic and full of integrity. Married to Don.

Greg Wilhote: Male, Early 20s (Range: Tenor, D3-B4)
A cute young man in a baseball cap. Generous and determined.

Jesus Pena: Male, 20s (Range: Tenor, E3-B4)
A hard-working, smart first generation Mexican-American. Slight Mexican accent.

Chris Alvaro: Male, 20s (Range: Tenor, Ab2-Ab4)
Well-built under his hoodie, a pair of aviator glasses conceal his eyes. Military steeliness and hidden vulnerability.

Ronald McCowan: Male, 35 (Range: Tenor, F3-B4)
A good-natured African-American guy with a slight Louisiana accent and a love of Snickers bars.

Mike Ferris: Male, Late 30s (Range: Tenor, Eb3-Bb4)
Boyishly handsome, wears a cheap tie with a Nascar clip. Questionable ethics. Works at the Nissan dealership.

Benny Perkins: Male, Mid 40s (Range: Tenor, C#3-G#4)
Weather-beaten face, ingratiating grin, and lots of homespun philosophy. Our narrator of sorts. Also a very angry man.

Frank Nugent: Male, Mid 50s (Range: Bari-Tenor, Eb3-Gb4)
Radio personality, a diehard good ole boy dressed in a Stetson.

JD Drew: Male, 60 (Range: Baritone, G2-D4)
A good old boy with pomaded gray hair and a high wattage grin. Virginia’s husband.

Don Curtis: Male, Mid 60s (Range: Baritone, A2-Bb3)
Wears a cardboard sign on his head that proclaims

Doctor Stokes: Male, Age Flexible (Possibly same actor who plays Don Curtis)
A professor from LeTourneau University.


Pirates of Penzance
Auditions: Feb. 17 & 18, 2019 – 7:00 p.m.
Performances: April 26 & 27, May 3, 4, 5, 10, 11, 12, 17 & 18, 2019

Open Auditions:

All Hudson Players auditions are open auditions with all roles available. No experience is necessary. For non-musicals please be prepared to read from the script. For musicals please bring sheet music for the accompanist and prepare at least a 16 bar audition song. Musical auditions will also normally include a movement exercise and reading from the script. Please email [email protected] with any questions.